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About Me

I was Born in Liverpool I lived at home with my parents I was one of 9, sadly there are just 3 of us remaining. My childhood was different in the respect of me being different I just knew things I didn't know how I knew, but I knew things. I was a shy child my Mum used to call me sensitive. I thought that was an ok thing to be and at least I had a name for the feeling of being different that I had.
I had many sightings of spirit as a child and it used to scare me ruthless.
It wasn't until years later when I learned to control my ability and just like a shop, I learnt to close and open when I felt like it, That the fear subsided and excitment replaced it. Spirit have been very good to me, don't get me wrong my life has not been an easy one and there have been many times I have screamed the question 'WHY'?. But spirit have embraced me and taught me how to help others. People get the impression that I am angelic or special, I am not, I am just like everyone else with an added ability that can sometimes be a curse. Knowing things can sometimes be too close for comfort and it is at times like that that I wish I didn't 'know' things.
My ability isnt a gift, I hate that word, it is a natural born ability that you either have or don't have. It makes me sad when other Mediums go on about their 'Gift' and how 'special and Godly' they are, they are not special they are just like you and me. It is spirit that do all the hard work the amount of energy that is used to communicate is massive, the Medium simply sits there and opens a clear channel for the communication to occur. There is no magic formular or wand that makes you a Medium it takes hard work and dedication to advance in standards of communication, and just like spirit we find new ways of communicating continualy. I learn something new nearly everyday the learning never stops. And if a medium hints that she or he knows it all steer clear, as they haven't a clue what they are talking about.
I can read Runes, Crystals, Tarot and anything else. I also do Psychometry (Jewellery). Ribbons and Colour Readings.
I work all over the UK although I am based in Liverpool. I have appeared on Most Haunted which was an interesting Experience. BBC Documentary about Mediums and I have also appeared on Radio City, City Talk. doing live readings on air. I love my work and find that working as a Medium keeps me in touch with reality.

My family keep my feet firmly on the ground. I am a mum of 4 and Grand-mother to 4. And a carer for a 3 yr old. All of my children have my ability however as yet they have no desire to work with it.
I teach Psychic Abilities, I can show you how to unlock your Psychic Ability, but I cannot do the work for you. It takes time and commitment.
Most of my work is carried out in the comfort of the clients home.

There are a lot of Myths and Misconceptions regarding Mediumship and I would love for everyone to follow the same rule book but unfortunately they don't so I spend a lot of my teaching time trying to sort out the Myths

There is nothing scary in seeing spirit, nor is there anything sacred, Mediumship is second nature to me. And having a Spirit draw close, there is nothing like that feeling of love, unconditional love, it is very emotional. I am not special, a little different perhaps, but not special. I am not above you or anyone else. I am just a Wife, Mother and Grandmother who is able to help others through Psychic Readings.

I love bringing relief and comfort to those who are grieving, I love being able to help someone who needs reassurance or help in their life.
There are several things I will not do during a reading, diagnose and Predict death are just 2 of them. This is because I knew when people around me where going to die and it wasn't nice. So I have asked spirit not to give me this information I am not God, I cannot and will not destroy someone's life like that.

People often come to readings nervous, scared, worried as they do not know what to expect. My readings are relaxing and uplifting. Don't get me wrong if there is something that needs saying I will say it. However that doesn't mean I will hurt or embarrass anyone. I have had many clients who have left, feeling a whole lot better, as I have pointed out a way out of the situation they are in. Others arrive Grieving and engrossed with an overwhelming feeling of isolation and longing. Once I have reconnected them with a loved one. they leave knowing that their loved ones are still very much part of their lives. Each person is different each reading is different.

THERE IS NO ROOM FOR EGO IN MEDIUMSHIP. The only one who should be allowed to display ego is spirit. I have seen it time and time again, when the Medium becomes egotistical, ego takes over and in the end there is nothing left but the showman. And it is sad, because spirit need Mediums. They need someone to be their voice.

When I was growing up I always felt different, I never felt part of the crowd and was happy to spend time alone with my 'imaginary' friends. I always felt excluded and felt that I had something to do but never knew what it is was .

It was a very strange time in my life. Although I have to say a happy time too. I seen lots of people in my bedroom and often went into my parents room to report this and was always told the same, 'go back to bed your imagining it' but I wasn't, In the end I stopped telling them as I felt foolish

One days sticks out in my mind I was about 7 or 8 years old and a normal healthy child who loved to run, I spent hours running races for the school and even outside I spent a lot of my time running it was like I could fly. One day I was walking to school when this man who was aged about 70 with a white shirt, grey sleeveless jumper and brown trousers shouted my name. I turned and he said 'come here', I said no and began to walk faster. He began to follow me so I started to trot. He was still there so I ran like lightening every time I turned around that man was about 6 foot behind me when in reality he couldn't of been he was too old to keep up with me.

When I arrived at the school the lollipop woman was there and I ran into her. She took me by the shoulders and asked me what was wrong. I was crying, scared. I looked and the man was there. I said that man is following me she looked and said what man, I said him looking straight at him, she looked again and said there is no one there. I said he is, she said no there isn't. I looked at him and he smiled then faded before my eyes.

Years later I was looking at old photos and I spotted the man, it was my granddad who died a week before I was born.

From that time of seeing the photo I realised what was happening but I wasn't sure why and I swore that I wouldn't tell anyone at all and I blocked out what I saw, what I knew. I repeatedly didn't answer questions in class and I didn't want to bring attention to myself and I faded into the back ground of life I just muddled on.

A few years later my 'Imaginary Friends' told me that my mother would die, I was so upset I broke my vow of silence and told my Nan. She promptly slapped me and called me wicked. A few months later my mum did indeed pass over to spirit. I realised that sometimes what spirit told me got me into trouble, so I simply stopped talking to them.

I had been through so much in my life. During my unhappy marriage, I lost touch with almost all my family and friends so I was alone, except for my brother. It was just after I got cancer the first time that I decided that I couldn’t go on like that. I decided that I had to go, so with the help of the police I simply disappeared. Doing so I had to leave everything I knew behind, I had to cut all links with the old me and start again. This In itself was not easy. I had gone from having my own home, own business and all the trimmings that gave. To living on handouts in the Salvation Army hostel. The next 4 years where hell. But through it all my lovely brother was there by my side. I met my now hubby and things started to settle. I had achieved the unachievable and started again, New town. New home, new life, new job, new name. Things settled into a nice routine. Then I discovered I had cancer again. Not as bad as the first time I dealt with this, old emotions I thought I had buried resurfaced and I had to deal with these too.

My hubby and my brother were brilliant and helped me no end. I could never thank them enough. Again things settled and I carried on with my life. The past was over and I had moved on. Then once again the dreaded cancer came back. This time I was a lot sicker than the twice before. I thought my end had come. But I wasn’t scared even then I believed in the spirit world. I just knew it existed; I had seen lots of spirits as a child. At the time of this bout of cancer; I got home from hospital and was very ill. I remember my son giving me a drink, and putting a book by me and he went out.

The next thing I remember is feeling a tightness in my chest, and then I was in a tunnel it was very dark. I knew I was surrounded by people but I couldn’t see them then I saw a little white light and a woman coming towards me. It was my mother my lovely mum who had passed when I was 14. She came to me and said 'you have to go back'. I looked at her and said 'no' I want to stay. She said ' if you go down there, there is no going back. You have to go now'. I asked her why and started to cry because I had never felt so peaceful and warm and safe in my life, she put her hand on my shoulder and said 'I am telling you, you have to go back you have a lot of work to do'. I said 'mum please let me stay. I don’t want to go back I want to stay'. I was sobbing she cuddled me and said one day you will understand. I felt a pulling then I woke with a doctor standing over me and he was taking a tube out of my throat, he turned and said to someone she is back...

I thought what a weird dream. Except like a dream It has never faded I remember everything, very word, every sound every smell. I recovered and started to live a better life. Then my heart was destroyed. My darling sweet lovely brother had been found dead, he was just 48 years old. I was devastated. I wanted to die too. God was so cruel. And I hated him, how could he do this, my brother was so mild and meek, he never hurt anyone. He was a good friend, as well as brother and he was my soul mate. I cannot begin to describe how I felt at the time. My world had ended too and I just didn’t want to go on.

Looking for answers to 'why', I searched and searched. I didn’t know where to look and where to begin night after night I spent hour after hour looking for answers. Each answer raising another question. I was on a merry go round of information. Then I came across a psychic chat site. I shyly entered the site and began reading the screen like I had so many times before. Then I saw the chat button. I registered and entered this. For the first few nights I never said a thing I just sat there waiting for the answers to appear on the screen. Then a person said hello directly to me, I shyly said hello back. And she asked me was I ok, I said no. I had lost my brother and was trying to find out why. Another person joined the conversation. And I sat there pouring my heart out to a computer screen. I was sobbing. But it didn’t matter because these people couldn’t see that. A few nights later I went in again and a person called Robyn asked me if I had a brother in spirit. Because he had been waiting for hours to greet me. I said I had she described him in full. Told me about his diabetes told me about his fingers that had been amputated. I knew beyond doubt that this was him. The message she gave me brought me new hope. He mentioned that our mum had met him and that he was ok. She then said something I didn’t understand. She said your brother says its time for work. I really didn’t understand that. I missed him so much my heart was aching. And my arms felt empty I just wanted one cuddle from him just one.

After another week of my brother, mother, dad, nana and some others that I had in spirit. I was getting a similar message time and time again. Night after night I sat at the pc. Watching others hurting like me, waiting for news. Then one night I sat and I heard a voice loud and clear ‘my name is Richard’ I nearly fell of my chair I didn’t know where the voice came from. I hadn't heard anything like this for years. I searched the house. And I thought I had finally gone mad.

Then one day I met someone who started talking to me and told me that I could develop my ability. I asked her what ability and she said you’re a Medium. I thought she was mad. This loony woman was talking to me. she spoke of spirits and guides and gradually I started listening. My conversations turned to a deeper level. And I finally began to understand. I hadn’t found spirit again they had found me. I felt at peace for the first time in 30 years. All the pieces of the jigsaw simply slotted into place. Gradually I accepted I was a Medium, although I doubted myself a lot. I went to a Seminar. I met quite a few people like me. I couldn’t explain the feeling of belonging. Today these people are friends and I am forever indebted to them because they helped me become whole.

I have never looked back I am no longer watching the world I am part of it, I am bringing the same comfort that was brought to me and without all these things happening to me I would never be able to appreciate exactly what it is that I have found.

Being a Medium is a wonderful ability and I would never ever dream of misusing that ability or taking advantage for personal gain.

And now, well I have done some filming for Most Haunted. This was just something that I wanted to try, another experience so to speak, I am glad I done it. Paul O'Grady mentioned me on his show and I had a photograph I took shown on TV. I have appeared a few times on our local Radio station , City Talk part of the Radio City Group, doing live phone in readings. This goes extremely well and is very popular. The amount of calls and texts we get is fantastic. I really do enjoy it. Brendan, Roy and Jonathan made me feel so welcome, and relaxed it was a real pleasure to work along side these people.

So all in all I am pretty busy. I have several new students to teach and along with family matters I am keeping myself on my toes. But my main passion, the spirit communication will always come first. As will the teaching.

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