• This month gone I have felt a lot of change around me. There has been a big shift in energy and i found myself with a new guide. I also went into trance again for the 1st time in a long time. Spirit are answering my requests and i am excited about the future.

    Family wise things are settling again after my hubbies cancer removal. He is getting stronger daily and although he still in pain after his kidney removal he is no longer on Morphine, so he is managing his pain better.

    I have also watched with interest the comings and goings on facebook, and although the arguments arising dont involve me at, all i watch with shock at how some people behave whilst hiding behind the keyboard, There is too much bullying goes on and too much venom aimed at someone who was once a close friend it is sad to see how jealousy can evolve into hatred.

    They say there is nothing as bitchy as some 'spiritual' people, some cannot abide anyone better than themselves. It would be wonderful for all Mediums to put their jealousy and venom away and to help each other. Not all Mediums are the same and none work in the same way, some are similar but they will not be the same. An example would be, 200 people from Liverpool Yes they are all scousers but it is a big umbrella as none are the same,

    A little lesson for you

    Throw a plate on the ground,



    did it break


    now apologise to it


    has it gone back to the way it was before?


    ..... sometimes we say things without thinking, once the word is spoken it cannot be retracted



  • What a month.

    Its been a crazy few weeks on my planet lol. My Hubbies Uncle passed to spirit, making it our 5th bereavment in 10 months, and although i do understand the proccess of 'going home' Psychic's are still human and grieve just as much as anyone else.

    I have also been diagnosed with Fibromalygia, and although there is no cure i now understand why the pain i feel is so bad.

    Work wise July and August are typically slow in our business, for this i am pretty grateful, because along with my hubby having cancer all in all its been a crazy few months.



  • Wk Ending 30/6/13

    It's been a funny old week, lots of activity new beginnings and laughter. Spirit have been very very close this week i have had the childrens playful activity, to the more serious communcations not only from my Guides and Helpers but from Spirit themselves. I will tell you of one such occurance.

    Near enough every night for the past month I have sat in the back garden and listened to the birds settling for the night for the past week no matter what time I go out 2 swallows fly a circle over my house then glide away now I been here 20 odd years and I have never seen them. swallows are significant to our family so I am taking that as a good sign the fact that there are 2 of them is very very significant to us. Sometimes spirits activity is very subtle like the swallows, over the years i have learnt to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, As you look at something alone you may think 'no that isnt spirit' however put that piece of information into the whole equation it is massive and makes perfect sense. Sometimes you have to look for the little signs as they make the most sense and mean the most. I have also been getting pushed towards teaching again. In all probability i will start again, there are a few things to iron out first. A busy week ahead lots to do and places to be till next week tata x



  • New Dawn


    It's been a busy couple of months, I have had lots of things going on, from normal family life to spiritual matters. I am now able to take on more students and i have some space available in my calender for one to one's, or house parties. its good being able to get back to my 'roots' i love working with the Mr or Mrs 'Average'. The media is cool and throws you into the spot light, however i love connecting face to face with my clients, so am happy to get 'back out there'


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