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What is a Medium?

The word medium is short for Mediator, a go between and that is exactly what a Medium is. A Medium is able to receive messages from the spirit world, these come in many guises from readings to Philosophy, or words of wisdom. Being a Medium is a very complex and forefilling Role it isnt a gift it isnt wrapped in a pretty ribbon it is an ability. A Medium should never ever use her ability for her own advantage.
You don't suddenly wake up one day and say you are a Medium there is a lot of hard work and understanding and dedication involved. Learning never stops, I still learn something new everyday. Just like normal progression, the spirit worlds way of communication progresses. The dark room with the single candle is a thing of the past, spirit love modern technology and are not afraid to experiment with it. We also have to progress and learn how to receive the contact through the same technology.

A Psychic is someone who reads a persons aura this is often mistook for being a Medium they are not the same, A Medium communicates with the spirit discarnate, a Psychic with the spirit incarnate, Meaning a Medium communicates with spirits that are no longer on this earth, a Psychic communicates with the spirit on earth, Us.
Being a Medium also means you are a Psychic, being a Psychic doesn't mean your a Medium.

There is nothing scary in seeing spirit, nor is there anything sacred, Mediumship is second nature to me. And when spirit come close, there is nothing like that feeling of love, unconditional love, it is very emotional. I am not special, a little different perhaps, but not special. I am not above you or anyone else. I am just a Wife, Mother and Grandmother who is able to help others through Psychic Readings. I love bringing relief and comfort to those who are grieving, I love being able to help someone who needs reassurance or help in their life.
There are several things I will not do during a reading, diagnose and Predict death are just 2 of them. This is because I knew when people around me were going to die and it wasn't nice. So I have asked spirit not to give me this information I am not God, I cannot and will not destroy someone's life like that. People often come to readings nervous, scared, worried as they do not know what to expect. My readings are relaxing and uplifting. Don't get me wrong if there is something that needs saying I will say it. However that doesn't mean I will hurt or embarrass anyone. I have had many clients who have left, feeling a whole lot better, as I have pointed out a way out of the situation they are in. Others arrive Grieving and engrossed with an overwhelming feeling of isolation and longing. Once I have reconnected them with a loved one. they leave knowing that their loved ones are still very much part of their lives. Each person is different each reading is different.
Q & A

A spirit guide is a highly evolved being that is a teacher, they are assigned to us, to help in our development


The simple answer is NO, family members are not evolved enough. Family are usually helpers,


Practise it is like learning to drive, ride a bike or swim. Once the basics are there it is practise that perfects it. Once you get used to the connection the communication becomes easier,


Again the simple answer is NO, only Mediums and Healers have guides. Everyone else have Guardians


Communication works on a vibrational energy, you have to find the right vibration. It is like tuning in a radio, once you get the station the rest is easy, it just takes practise.

You have to learn to connect the subconscious mind with the conscious mind, it is called the altered state of awareness



* CLAIRVOYANCE: Clear seeing, this can be Subjective (inside the mind) or Objective (outside the mind)

* CLAIRSENTIENCE: Clear sensing, just knowing. This covers smell, taste, feelings, empathy

* CLAIRAUDIENT: Clear hearing again this can be Subjective or Objective

HOW TO SPOT A FAKE (The most important piece of information)

Unfortunately as with every profession their are fakes out there. These people will call themselves Psychic's. They will demonstrate an arrogance. The reading will go something like.

I have a lady with me who died, she has dark hair and brown eyes, (no name or further info will be given)

She talks of the mangle in the garden. and that you tried to put your fingers in it ( what child of my generation didn't have a mangle in their garden, or in their Nan's garden And what child wasn't tempted to put their finger in it).

Then it gets better!!,

They say your a lovely person, who is going to have an argument over sex. I see lots of angels surrounding you. I see you in a big house. I see you married with children I see you with a dark haired man.

I have a man here who has no collar on his shirt and braces. ( what man didn't )

and on and on. All voiced nothing substantial. Nothing that you can beyond doubt know that it is your loved on who has come through. Because once they do you will feel the emotion. You will feel it right down to your bones. The medium also feels this. and that is the sense of overwhelming love that I have talked about before.


There are several ways of developing, what is good for one is not necessarily good for another. The most important step is to get used to the inner silence, learn to meditate. Again you will find the one that works best for you. Mediation CD's are good as these give your mind something to concentrate on. I have made a selection, that seem to work best for my students. Click here

Allow your thoughts to come and go, trying to ignore them won't work, however by simply saying I WILL DEAL WITH THAT LATER, acknowledges the thought and allows it to pass. Quieten the mind enough to let spirit in, a busy mind is like trying to talk in a disco, you miss half the conversation.

TRUST don't dismiss things as your imagination, even if it seems foolish say it. Sometimes one word is all the Client needs. Spirit can be very subtle, sometimes you just open your mouth and the words come.

BE RESPONSIBLE Who wants bad news, filter what you get. You should never dream of saying 'Hey Your Fat you need to loose weight' instead you would say 'Spirit are concerned about your diet'

ENJOY YOUR JOURNEY. Be confident, Mediumship is not a 'GIFT' it is a natural ability, Don't think your above everyone else, EGO is bad. There is only room for one Ego in Mediumship and that's spirits. IF EGO GETS IN SPIRIT MOVE OUT.

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